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Uptime Printer Umbrella
The True Cost of Document Output

The true (full) costs of printing are hidden in help desk time, leases, office supply invoices, service contracts, accounting and management time (costs), separate departmental budgets, and, most significantly, wasted employee time.

Organizations need to make sure that they are not sacrificing productivity for a misleading hard cost per page. Outsourcing printer support to an experienced, reliable partner should substantially reduce or even eliminate most of those hidden costs.

The Uptime Printer Umbrella provides:

• All inclusive price per page – supply, parts and labor
• Printers are remotely managed:
  º Pro-active toner replenishment
  º Little or no end user or IT staff involvement
  º Single point of contact for all your imaging needs
• A single monthly invoice – which can be grouped
by department, location, asset class, device, etc.

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